Cline’s Nursery is a family-owned and operated wholesale nursery located in the beautiful foothills of Western North Carolina. Located in Cleveland County, our we are only about an hour away for our wholesale customers in Asheville, Charlotte, as well as those in Greenville/Spartanburg, SC. We provide a full line of nursery stock as well as ball and burlap material for our wholesale clients. Customers from North and South Carolina come to us for top quality trees and shrubs. Our wholesale customers include Landscapers, Contractors, and Designers, as well as major municipalities and universities. We are known for our Japanese Maples, which is our specialty. We have over 100 varieties of Japanese Maples for you to choose from.
Because on time delivery service is crucial to your business success, it is crucial to ours, as well. We are eager to locate any plant material you need, and provide it on time. We take the pressure and frustration of sourcing out plant stock away you and your staff plus save your company money in locating and coordinating deliveries right to your project sites.

Our Wholesale Nursery can source large plant stock for your landscape projects saving you time and money to work on new projects.
Through our network of growers across the US, we have access to a wide selection of plants and sizes included larger growing container grown and B&B trees and shrubs. If we don’t grow it, we can most likely locate what you need through out wide network of excellent growers. If you don’t find the plant variety or size that you require for your project, please contact us with your business information and want list containing plant varieties, sizes, quantities and estimated delivery date. We will be happy to follow up with you.


We have over 100 Japanese Maple tree varieties to choose from.  That amounts to thousands of trees each season. Many are rare and unusual.  We continue to search for and collect unusual maple varieties from around the world for the discerning landscaper and gardening enthusiast.  Some specimens are in limited quantities and several are for our collection only. Our Maples are grown to express the essence of the tree. With timely pruning, staking and fertilization to promote healthy roots and slow consistent growth the trees mature into perfect individual specimen. If you are overwhelmed by the vast selection of Japanese Maples and would like help deciding which to buy, we can help you. We have many which are hardy and very easy to grow.  We have some that do well in shade and others that do better with a lot of sun. We love Japanese Maples and are here to help you find the perfect one for your specific needs!


Every season brings something new to Cline’s Nursery for our wholesale nursery clients. We begin each spring by receiving millions of cuttings, plugs, and seeds of annuals and perennials to kick-start our growing season. We take great pride in offering the latest plant selections that will thrive for you throughout the year. When summer arrives, we are bursting with exotic tropicals and foliage accents to complement any outdoor spaces. Once summer fades into fall, our autumn crops come to full glory: pansies, mums, pumpkins and more to create beautiful entries. Fall is the perfect time of year to plant shrubs and trees, such as our beloved Japanese Maples. In winter, we gear-up with mulch, pine needles and fruit trees.



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