For decades, Cline’s Nursery has been passionate about Knockout Roses. We are committed to providing our landscape and other wholesale customers with the highest-quality Knockout Roses in a variety of sizes and colors.

About Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses are a beautiful kind of roses known for their easy care and extended blooming season. One of the most spectacular traits of this variety of roses is its repeated flowering. These plants are not done flowering after just one bloom. These roses are fast-growing and compact, making it possible to grow them alone or in a cluster group of plants.

The Knock Out Roses grow to be about 3-4 feet tall and wide. These beautiful plants are easy to keep compact and neat, offering a beautiful cluster of flowers for your garden. The blooming flowers on these plants come in shades of red, pink, yellow, and white. This range of flower colors offers the possibility of a beautiful flower spread in your garden. These roses are durable and beautiful, a must-have for the right garden!

Where to Plant Knock Out Roses

Most varieties of Knock Out Roses do best in zones 5-11. There is some possibility for these plants to survive in zone 4 if they are given proficient winter protection. Knock Out Roses do best in areas where they are exposed to full sun. The best place to plant Knock Out Roses in your garden is in an area that gets at least 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Otherwise, your roses will not thrive.

The best kind of soil for Kock Out Roses is acidic and well-drained. Your roses may be fine in other kinds of soil, but to make sure your roses are thriving, you should make sure your plant has the best soil and best light exposure possible. Without it, you may not see the best flowering.

Knock Out Roses start out small and compact when you buy them but can grow to be very large. If you are conservative with the space you have set aside for your plant, then it is best that you are diligent in pruning to keep it orderly.

How to Care for Knock Out Roses

The blooming time of Knock Outs is from Spring through Fall. The long blooming period of these plants makes them enjoyable year-round. Before the blooming starts and during the off-season of the plants, is the time you should be pruning. Light pruning to maintain the shape should be done while the plant is dormant. This is done to help keep your Knock Outs healthy and promote growth in the blooming season. It is not needed, but it will keep your plant healthy and encourage a healthy, bountiful bloom.

Watering Knock Outs is important especially when it is developing a strong root system. After that, it is a good idea to water the plant when you notice the top part of the soil is dry. Being attentive during warm, dry months is a great way to ensure that your plant will stay healthy and the flowers will survive the whole blooming season.

Another great thing about Knock Out Roses is they will survive the winter. Generally, all you will need is a thin layer of mulch to protect the Knock Outs and make sure they survive until their next bloom. This is an excellent investment as it will last you many, many seasons and add beautiful pops of color to your garden.


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