Not Your Average Nursery

Here at Cline’s Nursery, we strive to source all of the plant material you need, even if it’s on our availability list. We’re not your average supplier. If you need something specific we’ll do our best to find it promptly for you and your customers.

Buying as a Wholesaler

To purchase as a wholesaler, we ask that you are involved in Landscaping of some form. Examples include buying for your company to spruce up the entryway, completing a design for a client, or redistributing to customers.

All Are Welcome

We are a retail and wholesale Nursery. Feel free to stop by at any time during operating hours for purchase. Our friendly staff can help pull and load orders on the same day with any available plants on the property. Please allow our staff 1 – 3 hours to pull material for call-in orders.

We Deliver

We offer deliveries for both retail and wholesale clients. Pricing is based on the radius from the nursery. Local delivery within 15 miles of Cline’s Nursery is $45. For deliveries outside this local area (over 15 miles from Nursery) will be $3.50/mile for one way. Before delivery, we will ask for the delivery address and any further details (where to place plants, if someone will be on-site, gate codes, etc.) Please contact the office to schedule a delivery.

Pricing & Payments

Please be on the lookout for any price changes to our availability. Payments should be in advance or after delivery when purchasing material. We accept credit cards, checks, and cash and are willing to do over-the-phone payments.


We do not offer a warranty on our plants. We guarantee the plants are healthy once leaving the property. We ask that you inspect the plants before they leave our property to ensure they meet all your expectations and specifications. If there are any issues or concerns, please contact us so we can resolve them as quickly as possible.

Once You Are Set Up In Our System, You Can Download Our Wholesale Availability With Your Password Here:

To set up an account, please complete the form below.  Once we have received your form, we will be in touch with you and may have additional questions.




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