Fireglow Japanese Maple is an impressive, vigorous, reliable tree that burns fire-red. Although it is vigorous, it does not become as tall and widespread as Bloodgood thus making it an excellent garden or container plant. Fireglow is similar to Bloodgood but the leaves are not as deeply divided and has a deeper more intense red color that stays throughout the summer. Fireglow Japanese Maple does well in hot, sunny conditions. The foliage becomes purple red suffused with green in the early fall. It was given the name Fireglow because of its eye-catching color when the sun shines though the leaves. This cultivar forms an upright tree/shrub shape with many slender dark red shoots. The tree can reach 6-10 feet in 10 years, and reach 12-15 ft. overall.

Zone: 5 – 8

Mature Size: 12- 15 ft. Tall x 8 – 10 ft. Wide

Growing Tips

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Fireglow Japanese Maple is a middle-size, low branching deciduous tree with outstanding leaf color in fall. The leaves are deeply lobbed with many attractive colors such as yellow, orange, red, and purple. In mid-Spring small clusters of flowers appear followed by winged fruit. Japanese maple is an excellent addition to any garden and even does well in pots. Fireglow is an impressive, vigorous, reliable tree that has fire-red leaf color.

This impressive and reliable cultivar is a vigorous, upright, well-branched shrub or small tree. It is similar to the popular, well-tried and tested ‘Bloodgood’, but the leaves are not as deeply divided and it has a deeper, more intense, red color that stays throughout the summer, even in hot, sunny conditions. The new leaves emerge a very bright pink red in the spring before turning a deep red. The upper surface retains its color well into late summer and does not burn in the hot sun. The foliage becomes purple-red suffused with green in early fall.

The seven-lobed medium-sized leaves are divided to just over two-thirds of the way to the leaf base, with the small basal lobes at right angles to the petioles. The leaves are 7-9 cm long and 9-11 cm wide. The ovate lobes are 5-6 cm long and 2-2.5cm broad at the widest point in the middle, narrowing to 1-1.5cm at the lobe junctions. The junctions are 1.5 – 2.5 cm from the leaf base. The leaf margins are evenly and sharply double toothed. This cultivar forms an upright shrub with many slender dark red shoots, eventually reaching up to 4 – 5 m high. Although vigorous, it does not become as tall and widespread as ‘Bloodgood’, and makes an excellent garden or container plant. The original tree is only about 4 m after 30 years. ‘Firelglow’ was first selected and developed by the Fratelli  Gilardelli Nursery, near Milan, Italy, under the code FGI. The name ‘Fireglow’ aptly describes the eye-catching effect when the leaves are backlit by the sun. A Dutch nursery later sold this same cultivar under the name ‘Effigi’, which has been misspelled as ‘Effigy’.

Fireglow Japanese Maple is best grown in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Grows well in sandy loams. It may be grown in full sun in the northern parts of its growing range, but prefers some afternoon shade in the southern parts of its growing range. New foliage may scorch in full sun locations in hot summer areas, mainly if soils are not kept consistently moist. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and keep roots cool. Site in locations protected from strong winds. Avoid hot and dry sites. Fertilize in spring before leaves emerge. Pruning is best kept to a minimum, but if needed should be done in late fall to mid-winter. Spring or summer pruning often results in significant bleeding.

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Zone: 5 to 8
Height: 8.00 to 10.00 feet
Spread: 12.00 to 15.00 feet
Bloom Time: April
Bloom Description: Reddish-purple
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Flower: Insignificant
Leaf: Colorful, Good Fall


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