Fresh Handmade Christmas Wreaths in Shelby, NC

As a family-owned and operated nursery in Shelby, North Carolina , we take great pride in the quality of our wreaths. Our Christmas Wreaths are beautifully handcrafted in Shelby, North Carolina from a fresh, fragrant mixture of greenery grown in the North Carolina mountains.

If you are tired of purchasing a Christmas wreath that looks like everyone else’s, you will love our unique designs. Whether adorning your front door or decorating above your mantel, try one of these stunning Christmas wreaths this holiday season. Our customer service and fine quality Christmas wreaths will surely help make your holiday decorating fun and enjoyable.


How to Order Our Christmas Wreaths

Our wonderfully fragrant and attractive fresh Christmas wreaths  are beautifully hand-crafted by our friendly team in November and December, and are made to order.  We will have sample wreaths for you to view at Cline’s Nursery starting the first week of November. Order early to ensure the delivery date that you would like. You can schedule your delivery between November 13th and December 21st, 2023. Orders must be placed —-one week in advance of pick-up date. You will receive an email notification when your order is ready to be picked up at the nursery.

To make a purchase and place your order, please view our options below and click on the button to make a payment. We will be in touch with you once we receive your order. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Aubrey by calling us at 704-487-9861 or via email at .

fresh christmas wreaths nc

“Winter Evergreen Mix”

The Winter Evergreen Mix is a classic and beautiful wreath. Available in 20” and 30” sizes, this wreath features the freshest greenery sourced from North Carolina and will be sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. This Christmas wreath could include a mixture of Balsam Fir, Fragrant Pine, Arborvitae, Magnolia, Juniper, Cryptomeria, Holly, and Berries.

Our wreaths are delivered green, fragrant, and fresh, adding the perfect touch of holiday spirit to any home for the whole winter season. The thick metal frame makes this wreath easy to hang from any location using a wreath hanger or hook.

  • 20” – $45.99
  • 30” – $69.99
fresh christmas wreaths nc

“Deck the Halls”

Our Deck the Halls wreath is sure to be a showstopper for any Christmas display. Available in 20” and 30” sizes, this wreath features beautiful colors of yellows, blue, red and green with all local North Carolina materials. This fresh Christmas wreath could include a mix of Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce, Fragrant pine, Golden Arborvitae, Juniper, Holly, Berries, Cypress, Mahonia, Magnolia and Ponderosa pinecones.

Our wreaths are delivered green, fragrant, and fresh, adding the perfect touch of holiday spirit to any home for the whole winter season. The thick metal frame makes this wreath easy to hang from any location using a wreath hanger or hook.

  • 20” retail $45.99
  • 30” retail $69.99

Christmas Wreath Care

Your fresh wreath will last much longer if it can stay cool and moist.  Place your wreath outside if possible or indoors in air conditioning if you live in a warm climate area.  You can help your Fraser fir wreath stay fresh looking by misting it daily.  Avoid placing your wreath in direct sunlight if possible.  The cooler the climate, the longer your Fraser fir wreath will last.

History of Christmas Wreaths

Northern and eastern Europeans started bringing evergreens home during the winter in the 16th century; the Germans are generally credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition. The tree’s pruning during this time was a step in the preparation process. Limbs were frequently removed in an effort to shape the tree more uniformly or to make it fit into a space. The Europeans made wreaths out of the extra greenery rather than discarding it. People at that time did not waste anything.  Along with functional and aesthetic considerations, Christians also practiced tree shaping because of its spiritual significance. It was crucial to shape the trees into a triangle to symbolize the Trinity.

The wreath served as a representation of power and victory during the ancient Greek and Roman eras. The Panhellenic games featured wreaths made of olives (Olympia), laurel (Delphi), wild celery (Nemea), and pine (Isthmia) for the winners. A crown made of leaves or flowers, which was worn by the priest during the sacrifice, the hero upon his return from battle, the bride during her wedding, and the guests at a feast, also stood for honor and joy.

But Christmas wreaths added a fresh layer of significance to the conventional notion. These wreaths weren’t always the stand-alone decorations we are accustomed to seeing; they were originally used as Christmas tree ornaments. The reason they were shaped like wheels was partly practical—it was easy to hang a circle from a tree—but the circle also held special significance as a symbol of divine perfection. The shape’s infinity served as a metaphor for eternity.

The evergreen tree, which was used to make the wreaths, was also significant. Since they, unlike most living things, were able to survive the rigors of winter, evergreen trees were a species that was regarded with awe and admiration. Northern and eastern Europe saw a proliferation of the trees, which residents then brought inside their residences. That represented strength, resiliency, and hope to them.

The wreath represents eternal life because of its circular design and evergreen foliage. It also serves as a symbol of faith because during Advent, Christians in Europe would frequently place a candle on the wreath to represent the light that Jesus brought into the world. Johann Hinrich Wichern, a German Lutheran pastor, is often credited with popularizing the advent wreath and lighting candles of various sizes and hues in a circle as Christmas approached.

There are four candles total in that custom—one for each week of Advent. The fourth candle, which was frequently red in color, represented the joy of new life gained through the gift of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Three of the candles, which were typically purple, stood for the Christian values of hope, peace, and love. On Christmas eve, a white candle is frequently lit to commemorate Jesus’ birth.

Beginning in the 19th century, many people began to follow the tradition of the Advent wreath and other Christmas customs from northern and eastern Europe. Christmas customs from other parts of Europe gained popularity in England thanks to Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, and Prince Albert of Germany. American culture in turn was influenced by British culture.


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