For decades, Cline’s Nursery has been passionate about providing customers with the highest-quality wholesale plants. We source hard-to-find products, as well as rare sizes and quantities of plant product.

Wholesale pricing for plants is important if you providing large-scale services for universities, municipalities or commercial real estate development. Landscaping companies often buy in bulk because it is more efficient and more affordable. Wholesale buying often means that you are purchasing your items directly from the plant nursery, rather than from a large retail chain. Because there are a few steps left out of the chain of sales, buying in bulk is cheaper than buying from a retailer. This is especially ideal if you are purchasing a large quantity.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Plants 

The discounted price of bulk buying plants is the biggest advantage to buying from a wholesale nursery. By purchasing straight from the manufacturer, you are cutting out the middleman and getting the same plants for a lower cost. Wholesale nurseries typically have all of the plants that you would find at a retail nursery, so should find a large selection. Cline’s Nursery even works with landscapers and other wholesale clients to source products, sizes, and quantities that the customer needs.

When you shop from a wholesale retailer, your plants come with a warranty, of sorts. If your plants fail for no fault of your own or if they do not sprout, then you can go to the nursery and get your money back. This kind of warranty exists with wholesale retailers because they grow their own plants, rather than purchasing them from another manufacturer. So, if there is an issue with the plants, you can trace it directly back to the seller you purchased it from. This is a great option for buyers, especially if they are purchasing in massive quantities. You want to know that the plants you are buying in bulk are high-quality and will succeed.

Another notable advantage to buying plants from a wholesale nursery instead of a retail nursery is that you will find a greater variety of kinds of plants. Not only in the variety of flowers and plants, but also in the breeds and state of the plants. You can often find seeds, saplings, trees, bulbs, and anything else you may be looking for!

Before the internet reached far and wide, you had to physically go to a wholesale nursery to purchase your plants. Today, you can do all your shopping online at most places. That means you can shop from a wholesaler all the way across the country, while still getting the great deals and advantages of shopping wholesale rather than traditional. Cline’s Nursery ships to numerous states in the U.S.

In closing, it is a great idea to think about purchasing your plants from a wholesale nursery.  If you are a landscaper or are purchasing plants for a large project, you really should be purchasing your plants wholesale. Saving money on each plant you purchase means you will have extra money in your pocket. Purchasing from wholesalers is an excellent way to broaden your inventory of plants and effectively fill a huge planting area.

If you are interested in securing plants at wholesale pricing, see our Become a Wholesale Buyer information.


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