For decades, Cline’s Nursery has been passionate about boxwoods. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality boxwoods in a variety of sizes, as well as topiary boxwoods.  We provide wholesale boxwoods in hard-to-find sizes and quantity for landscapers and other wholesale customers.

Boxwoods are some of the most versatile shrubs that will bring year-round color to your garden. These plants are relatively easy to plant and take care of. They have a nice evergreen foliage that will brighten any landscape and fit it in the most extravagant garden, or the most basic and simple patio set up.

Boxwoods can range from 1 foot to 20 feet tall and 2 to 8 feet wide. While these aren’t huge plants, they do require a substantial amount of room in a garden. These shrubs are most well known for making a formation of a wall to elevate the design and look of any garden. These look elegant and add a flare of beauty year-round. The ease and sleek beauty of these shrubs leave no question for why these are such a popular site in gardens across the world.

Boxwood Care

Boxwoods thrive with a good mix of sun and share and are their best when they are sheltered from the hot afternoon sun as well as cold winds. These are versatile and suitable for year-round growth, but it is best to keep them away from the highest heat and the coolest cold.

Boxwoods can adapt to most soil conditions including various Ph levels but one thing that is necessary for a healthy boxwood is to place them in a soil that has good drainage. Oversaturation is not good for boxwoods and you want to avoid it wherever you can. Besides that, boxwoods are low maintenance plants, you just need to be sure to space them out enough so that they can grow without crowding each other. Generally leaving 2 to 3 feet between each plant is great.

Best Time of Year to Plant

Boxwoods are fairly versatile, you can plant them in the fall, late winter, or early spring. Fall is generally the best for planting. This will give the roots enough time to take hold before the full winter cold sets in, killing young, weak-rooted plants. Boxwoods should be successful so long as they are neither planted in the heat of the summer nor in the dead of winter.

Pruning Boxwoods

Pruning your boxwood is an important step in keeping it healthy and looking nice in your garden. The best time to take to pruning your boxwood is in the late spring or summer months. Pruning encourages new growth so you want to do it when your boxwood’s new growth has the highest chance of survival. New growth is less likely to survive the winter months than established buds.

The point of pruning is to get rid of some of the excess growth on the outer layer of the plant so the inner layer can get some sunlight. This is crucial to a healthy boxwood and it is important to prune your plant well. While you should get rid of some of the outside layer, you should be careful not to trim too much. If you overdo the pruning, you can stimulate too much growth and create an unruly look in your boxwood.

Growing Boxwoods in Containers

One traditional way of growing boxwoods is in a line to make up a sort of line. That being said, it is possible to grow these plants in a container. The most important thing to keep in mind when growing a boxwood in a container is having the pot as wide as the plant is tall. You should also be sure to have a container that has good drainage so your boxwood can enjoy the perfect soil.

For more information, check out this wonderful resource from NC State University on boxwoods.

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