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Green Giant: A Statement in Any Project

Developed in the 1930s in Denmark, the Green Giant arborvitae is a stunning hybrid evergreen as versatile as it is beautiful. This arborvitae, of the genus Thuja, is a hybrid of the Western Redcedar and the Japanese arborvitae. Year-round color and decades of strong growth make Green Giant a landscaper’s favorite.

It is highly sought after across the U.S. for its rapid growth and adaptability to a wide range of soil and sun conditions, as well as its resistance to most pests and diseases. In fact, many landscapers and homeowners choose Green Giant over the Leland Cypress because, although similar in appearance, it is far more disease-resistant.

Fun in the Sun Zone

While Green Giant can tolerate some shade, this beauty thrives in full sun. In warmer, strong sun climates, this arborvitae appreciates a little afternoon shade but will do quite well if none is available. Whether in hot, sunny summer or the cooler, cloudy winter months, this arborvitae maintains its dark and glossy green foliage from the ground to its tip. In good sun and the right soil, this tree can grow as much as 3-5 feet per year.

While Green Giant is hardy and can handle a wide variety of climates, it grows best in full sun and moist, well-drained soils. Because of this, it is a frequent choice throughout the Southeast—but it’s not limited to there. It flourishes from zone 5 down to zone 8, and once the plant has matured a little can tolerate drought quite well. The only thing that Green Giant does not like is standing water and poorly drained soil. These will make it susceptible to root rot and bagworm, one of the few pests that can cause trouble.

Big and Beautiful

Low maintenance, Green Giant naturally grows in a conical or pyramidal shape. Light pruning can enhance the shape and make the tree more compact, but many people choose it for its dense foliage—it makes a perfect and lovely privacy screen.

Mature trees can grow to a height of 40-60 feet, and the trees live 40-60 years, depending on climate and conditions. With a spread of up to 20 feet wide depending on tree spacing, Green Giants make quite the statement in all kinds of arrangements. When planting along a property line, it’s important to account for whether the trees will be regularly pruned to a smaller habit, or allowed to grow full.

Space Unbound

Hardy and adaptable, these arborvitaes can be planted as close as 5-6 feet apart for an impenetrable privacy screen and effective windbreak. Spacing the trees farther apart allows a looser, less rigid look but will still hide a less than ideal view. Close-together planting works best with light but regular pruning for a neater appearance.

While Green Giant is certainly attractive and practical as a living fence, it is also appealing as a standalone feature, or planted as a backdrop to highlight a natural feature in the landscape.

The Value of Privacy

Almost immediately after planting, Green Giant provides a natural, vibrant wall that will shield from prying eyes and gusty winds. Because the trees can be spaced relatively close together and pruned to a narrower shape, even a smaller landscaped area can feel secluded, quiet, and peaceful.

Privacy is achievable almost immediately after planting, making these trees immediately valuable to the property. This arborvitae also has a pleasant fragrance and is an excellent noise break for areas of the property that abut roads or busy areas. Green Giant is an excellent choice in so many landscaping situations, offering low maintenance and high drama in an excellent return on your investment!

For more information, check out this wonderful resource from NC State University on Green Giants.

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