Have you ever driven down the road and come across a bright yellow field of sunflowers? It makes you want to stop and take pictures of the seemingly beautiful field. Cline’s Nursery is excited to offer a sunflower field in Shelby NC which is worth exploring on a day trip or a summer weekend adventure. Our Shelby NC sunflower fields are definitely worth the trip, and make sure you have an old pair of shoes and your camera ready to take some perfect Instagram photos!

Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful and breathtaking to consume a field. Walking through a sunflower field can feel like you’re on a different planet. They are taller than most flowers and sunflower fields can take up acres and acres of land. A lot of sunflower farms let visitors walk through and pick their own flowers, giving you the experience of seeing the flowers and actually picking your own.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that there are actually a lot of different kinds of sunflowers. When we think of sunflowers, we often think of the standard yellow petals with a black center. While sunflowers do have a distinct appearance, there are many different varieties.

Cline’s Nursery will have a variety of sunflowers to explore and purchase. We are committed to providing our customers the highest-quality sunflowers in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Here are a few sunflower varieties which we will be selling this year at Cline’s Nursery:

Black Oil Sunflower

Black Oil Sunflowers

There are two kinds of sunflowers that are typically grown commercially: confection sunflowers and black oil sunflowers. Black Oil Sunflowers are open-pollinated sunflowers that can be grown for either seed or oil production. Sunflower oil is a popular alternative to olive oil and is so easy to get from these flowers! These flowers also work to purify soils and dig out valuable nutrients deep in the soil. Black Oil Sunflower seeds are a popular variety to use in bird seed.

When you decide to plant Black Oil Sunflowers you can do so by direct-seeding or transplanting an already growing plant. These plants typically grow to be over three feet tall, so make sure there is plenty of room for them in your garden!

strawberry blond sunflower

Strawberry Blond Sunflowers

Like the name suggests, Strawberry Blond sunflowers do not look like the classic sunflower. Rather than having bright yellow petals, this variety of sunflower has a reddish-purple color on its petals before trickling out to a pale yellow on the ends. These flowers make a stunning addition to a bouquet.

The stems of the Strawberry Blond Sunflowers will reach 5-6 feet, so if you are planning on planting these in your garden you should make sure you have the space for them! These are great for a pop of color around the garden, and they are pollen-less!

strawberry lemonade sunflower

Strawberry Lemonade Sunflowers

Strawberry Lemonade Sunflowers take on similar coloring as Strawberry Blond Sunflowers. The Strawberry Lemonade Sunflowers have a deeper pink color at the center and fade into a light yellow. The flowers bloom to be around 4-5 inches and grow on a thin 3-4 foot stem. The Strawberry Lemonade Sunflower thrives when planted in garden beds and looks incredible added to a bouquet. Like most sunflowers, the Strawberry Lemonade Sunflowers are actually edible. You can fry the flower buds and use the petals as decorative garnishes on salads and desserts.

f1 sunflower

Orange F1 Sunflowers

Orange F1 Sunflowers look like a standard sunflower that we know and well. These are standard sunflowers in the industry. They are high volume, fast-growing, and early blooming sunflowers. The petals on this flower are a deep yellow, almost orange color, situated along a velvety, black center. These plants take typically 45 to 60 days to mature.

These plants do best when they are started indoors for 4-5 weeks and grow to be about a foot wide and 4 feet tall. The Orange F1 Sunflowers are an excellent addition to any garden and make a beautiful display in your home.

mammoth sunflower

Mammoth Sunflowers

As the name suggests, Mammoth Sunflowers are a huge sunflower variety. The Mammoth Sunflowers can grow up to around 10 feet tall with blooms averaging 11 inches across. These are traditional-looking sunflowers with deep yellow petals and gray and black seeds in the center.

These sunflowers are easy to grow and keep healthy in your garden. Since they grow so tall, it is necessary to give the stalks some support with a pole or twine. These sunflowers are stunning and look beautiful in a garden, though their mass may overwhelm the other plants in your garden.

Rouge Royale Sunflower

Rouge Royale Sunflowers

Rouge Royale Sunflowers, like their name suggests, are a deep red color. The Rouge Royale Sunflowers have a multitude of deep burgundy-red flowers that are 4-5 inches in diameter. The center of the flower is a medley of black and green seeding. These sunflowers grow to be around 5-6 feet tall and are extremely easy to grow.

They are an easy addition to any garden and are a beautiful addition to any bouquet. The sunflower seeds can be planted directly into the garden and do best when they are exposed to full sun. They will flower in about 90 days.

Florenza Sunflower

Florenza Sunflowers

Florenza Sunflowers are extremely beautiful and unique. The center is a dark brown, black set of seeding surrounded by petals that start off with a yellow color, fade into a pinkish red, then fade back into a faint yellow color. These flowers grow to be around 3 and a half feet tall and the blooms are around 6 inches in diameter.

These flowers look great when paired with other sunflowers in a medley of a bouquet. These colors make the flower pop no matter what it was next to. The Florenza Sunflowers are a stunning addition to any garden and look beautiful in a vase in your home.

ring of fire sunflower

Ring of Fire Sunflowers

A Ring of Fire Sunflowers are five-inch sunflowers that have petals with a deep yellow, almost golden color on the outside, and a darker red color closer to the center. The Ring of Fire Sunflower looks great when paired with other sunflowers in a bouquet. These plants grow to be around 4-5 feet tall, spreading 2-3 feet wide.

These are great for any garden but do take longer to bloom than other sunflower varieties. The Ring of Fire Sunflowers take around 120 days to show the multicolor bloom, but once it comes it will give your garden that additional pop it may need.

teddy bear sunflower

Teddy Bear Sunflowers

Teddy Bear Sunflowers do not look like your typical sunflower. They have double blooms that are soft and fluffy, resembling a teddy bear. There is no black center like your traditional sunflower, but rather full yellow petals. This sunflower variety only reaches 2-3 feet, much shorter than other sunflower varieties, reaching about 6 inches in diameter. These flowers are great options for brightening up your garden or adding a pop of color to your house.

To care for Teddy Bear Sunflowers, you should make sure that you wait until after the lost frost to plant your seeds. You can also transplant if you would like to. You should plant the seeds about 4-6 inches apart and rows about 18-24 inches apart.


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