Have you ever driven down the road and come across a pumpkin patch? It makes you want to stop and take pictures of the beautiful field. Cline’s Nursery is excited to offer a pumpkin patch in Shelby NC which is worth exploring on a day trip or a fall weekend adventure. Our Shelby NC pumpkin patch is definitely worth the trip, and make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes and your camera ready to take some perfect Instagram photos! You can enjoy a variety of fun-filled events at our pumpkin patch in Cleveland County, NC. You may want to decorate your front porch with pumpkins for Halloween or surprise a friend with the perfect gift. Or is there a new pumpkin pie recipe that you wish to try out?

Pumpkins come in different types, varying from colors to sizes to tastes. You can especially find other styles in a pumpkin patch. However, the interesting thing is that even the smallest pumpkin can be bigger than a large apple. Their huge size is what makes them so special. You may have also seen giant pumpkins on trucks for display.

There are even contests for the heaviest pumpkins, with the winning piece typically weighing over 1,000lbs. There are numerous types of cucurbits (pumpkins) that you can find in these patches, including whites, blues, greens, and squats. You may have seen them all, but we doubt you know much about these varieties and types. So before you can pick out the best one for your needs, first learn about the different types.

stackable pumpkinsPumpkins Suitable for Stacking

You can use any type of pumpkin as an ornamental décor piece. It all depends on how much you like the look of it. Most pumpkins can effortlessly serve for wonderful décor. However, there are a few things that you can take into consideration to get the best pumpkin-stacking experience.

Stackable Pumpkins

If you are looking for decorative Halloween pumpkins, going for stacked Halloween topiaries can be a great festive idea. The idea allows you to play with the decoration in as many ways as you like. You can choose to decorate your pumpkins or leave them in their natural state for a more timeless décor. You can also place them on your dining table or in your front yard. These pumpkins also look good on your living room floor.

You have the freedom of choosing the number of pumpkins you’d like to stack, but the ideal number would be 3. But if you can stack three pumpkins on top of each other, that would look great too. You can also choose the size of your pumpkins. Our favorite way is to get pumpkins that decrease in size as you move up. You can also choose similar sizes for more uniform stacking. However, while you’re at it, make sure you choose pumpkins with a plain bottom and a flat top.

Here are some colorful cucurbits that will fit right in your stacked decorations:

Bayhorse Gold Pumpkins

Bayhorse Gold Pumpkins are similar to Corbanado Golds in terms of their weight and rounded shape. They look strikingly gorgeous as decoration pieces due to their dark orange color and elongated handles.

Lunar Blush F1 Pumpkins

You may have seen this pumpkin in a lot of fall-themed stacking topiaries. What makes it a perfect stacking pumpkin is its shape. Lunar Blush F1 Pumpkins are large and flat, making them great for the base of a stacking topiary. They are also available in different shades, including sea-foam green, pale pink, and champagne.

Lil Pump-Ke-Mon Pumpkins

These pumpkins serve as stunning decorations in stacked pumpkin topiaries for their gorgeous patterned skin. If you wish to add a little oomph to your fall decoration, you must go for Lil Pump-Ke-Mon. They work best for stacking due to their consistent, shape.

striped pumpkins

Sweet Baby Jane Pumpkins

Sweet Baby Jane Pumpkins are perfect for a stacked fall-themed living room or dining table decoration. Not to mention, they also look amazing on a front porch or steps. These pumpkins have a distinctive ribbed texture with long, sturdy handles. You can find them in sizes ranging from medium to large.

Yosemite Pumpkins

Yosemite pumpkins are small pie-type pumpkins. The color and shape give them a stunning appearance. Their appearance is the reason people widely use them as decoration during October.

jack o lantern pumpkinPumpkins Suitable for Jack O’ Lanterns

Pumpkins contribute largely to the fall and Halloween themes in October. Jack o’ lanterns are not new, but do you know the story behind how pumpkins became a sign of Halloween? The ghoulish pumpkin carvings illuminated with candles originated from Ireland. Irish people originally began carving faces into big-sized potatoes and turnips. However, they then decided to turn larger-sized pumpkins into their new canvas. These carved pumpkins got the name ‘Jack o lanterns’ from Stingy Jack’s story of tricking the devil.

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

There are numerous ways to use pumpkins to decorate your house’s garden, front porch, or even your living areas. They can be a part of fun Halloween activities; kids paint on the pumpkins or use ribbons to decorate them. What’s more? Adults equally enjoy the carving stage of turning them into jack o’ lanterns.

Carbonado Gold Pumpkins

Carbonado Gold Pumpkins are large pumpkins, which makes them an ideal choice for jack o’ lanterns. The dynamic cucurbits are uniform in shape with a strong handle.

Bayhorse Gold Pumpkins

Bayhorse Gold Pumpkins are similar to Corbanado Golds in terms of their weight and rounded shape. They look strikingly gorgeous as décor ornaments due to their dark orange color and elongated handles.

Carrie F1 Pumpkins

Carrie F1 is also a large type of pumpkin, weighing about 16 to 20 pounds. What makes them attractive is their burnt-orange color and uniformly rounded shape. Not only this, but their stems are also a very attractive dark green color, firmly attached to the gourds.

Mrs. Wrinkles Pumpkins

You can choose a Mrs. Wrinkles Pumpkin if you wish for your jack o’ lanterns to stand out. It weighs about 14 to 18 pounds and matures in a hundred days. They are a unique choice for jack o’ lanterns thanks to their burnt-orange color and deeply-wrinkled ribbed pattern.

Cinderella Pumpkins

Cinderella Pumpkins

The Cinderella Pumpkins have an exaggerated shape and possess a lot of personalities. They are wide and flat, perfect for stacking and decorating.

Warty Goblin Pumpkins

The highly textured skin of Warty Goblin Pumpkins features lots of bumps. They, along with their green warts, fall in perfect contrast against their bright orange-colored skin.

Toads Pumpkins

Toads are more like the smaller version of warty pumpkins. They are mostly the size of a big apple and weigh somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds.

Pumpkins Suitable for Cooking, Baking, and Eating

While pumpkins greatly contribute to Halloween decorations, they can also be a great treat during the fall season. You can cook them in chunks or roast them whole. Not to mention, pumpkin-flavored soups are also quite popular today.

pumpkin pie pumpkins

Pumpkin Pies

Sugar Pumpkin

Sugar Pumpkins are more commonly known as pie pumpkins, used for baking pumpkin pies. They have that name because they taste sweeter than any other kind of pumpkin but are not too over-powering. Other factors that make them the best pumpkin for pies are that they are not as stringy and have less water. Their sweet fleshy pulp is perfect for bread and desserts.

Pumpkin soupSoups

Cinderella Pumpkins

These pumpkins get their name from the carriage that Cinderella rode into the ball party. This is because their shape and appearance resemble Cinderella’s carriage. While these pumpkins are popular for their arrival, they are also very moist. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for pumpkin-flavored soups.

Dill’s Atlantic Pumpkins

Dill’s Atlantics are giant pumpkins that were specifically bred for huge pumkin contests. These pumpkins use up a lot of water to grow, which makes their flesh very creamy. It is one of the reasons why people choose them for stews, purees, and soups.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Red Warty Thing Pumpkins

Red Warty Thing Pumpkins are already quite popular for their decorative qualities. However, the lesser-known fact about them is that their flesh is very high quality. They give a mildly sweet flavor when cooked. You can either cook it in chunks or roast it whole. But remember, their skin is quite hard, so you may face difficulty removing it. You can even store it for a few months as its hard skin serves for great protection and keeps it fresh.

Jarrahdale Pumpkins

Pumpkin flesh is mostly always stringy, but this is not the case with Jarrahdale Pumpkins. Their flesh is not at all stringy, which makes them perfect for roasting. They also have different colored skin: blue-green, which makes them good for decorating as well.

Baby Bear Pumpkins

Baby Bear Pumpkins are the classic small-sized pumpkins. If you are looking for a roasted pumpkin treat, they taste the best. You can roast them whole or stuff them. Not to mention, they can also serve as bowls for fall soups due to their gorgeous appearance.

roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted Seeds

Pepitas Hybrid

Pepitas Hybrids possess an impressive personality in decorative as well as culinary arenas. They have green and yellow striped skin and weigh between 9 to 12 pounds. Pepitas’ flesh tastes sweet and can be eaten raw, but they are most popular for their seeds. This is because, unlike other pumpkins, their seeds are not hard to remove. You can easily remove and slow-roast its tasty seeds.


These types of pumpkins make a trip to a pumpkin patch in Shelby NC all the more exciting. So now that you know about these different types of pumpkins choose the ones best for you.


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