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Rose Creek

Botanical Name : Abelia grandiflora

The Rose Creek Abelia is a dense, compact shrub that provides excellent seasonal interest. The foliage is bright green and eventually transitions to a deep purple when the weather begins to cool. Not only is the foliage beautiful, but the stems themselves provide a great contrast with their vivid crimson pigment. An abundance of white, slightly fragrant flowers are produced during late spring to fall on the Rose Creek Abelia bush. In fall the flowers take on a copper-rose color. These fragrant flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The Rose Creek Abelia is a very versatile and hardy plant. From small groupings, mass plantings to containers, this plant brings distinctive charm to any of your landscaping needs. Not only is it versatile in the area you plant it in, but this plant is frost, drought, heat and deer resistant. What more can you ask for in a shrub?! With a little maintenance, the Rose Creek Abelia can go a long way. To get the best results and color out of the Rose Creek Abelia bush, it is advised to plant 5-6 feet apart to allow room for mature growth, plant in full sun for best color results, and provide a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. This eye-catching shrub provides an excellent source of seasonal color and interest with little care and will add curb appeal to any home or place of business.

  • Size : 13"x13"