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Kaleidoscope PP16988

Botanical Name : Abelia grandiflora

The Kaleidoscope Abelia adds an exciting pop of color and flair to any landscaping design and should definitely be considered when shopping shrubs for sale online. In spring, the center of the foliage is light green with bright yellow around the outer edges. In summer, the color deepens, transitioning into a dark green center with golden-yellow outer edges. An abundance of white, subtly fragrant flowers emerge during late summer and continue to bloom into fall. With a beautiful spectrum of green, red, golden-yellow, and orange this glossy abelia is quite literally a kaleidoscope of color in fall. The Kaleidoscope Abelia is more than just a pretty face! It is an extremely versatile and hardy plant. This dwarf abelia is frost, drought, and heat tolerant and deer resistant. From mixed beds to mass plantings to containers, this semi-evergreen plant brings distinctive charm to any of your landscaping needs.

  • Size : 13"x13"