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George Taber

Botanical Name : Azalea Encore

Showy, bubblegum-pink flowers grace George Taber Azalea each spring. The blooms, which resemble orchid blooms, have some white variegation and deep pink spots near the top center. It will be hard for you and passersby to not just stop and stare at these pretty rhododendron flowers, which often appear again in fall. The foliage on George Taber is evergreen, so this is a pretty border or hedge plant for bright spring color and year-round interest in zone 8 to 10 landscapes. George Taber Azalea boasts these beautiful blossoms plus the usual benefits of azalea shrubs. Evergreen leaves, tolerance to coastal air, easy care, and ability to grow in partial shade or full sun are all features of this azalea. It has a moderate, rounded growth pattern, eventually reaching 6 to 8 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide. The flowers attract butterflies. Consider the pretty pink and green of this plant for any landscape, and especially for Asian, Zen or cottage garden styles. Plant George Taber Azalea in fertile soil that can stay cool and moist. Most azaleas prefer soil that is slightly acidic. Mulch around the plant, but not up against its main stem. The plant needs regular (weekly) watering. Add a granular or water-soluble fertilizer in early spring, and if you like in mid-fall. Avoid fertilizing during peak summer heat and give your azalea extra water on those hottest days. For a mass planting or hedge of George Taber Azaleas, place the plants about 3 to 4 feet apart from center to center.