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Autumn Angel PP15227

Botanical Name : Azalea Encore

Autumn Angel™ Encore® Azalea - Rhododendron ‘Robleg’ PP15227 – sports large, delicate white flowers up to three inches across in the spring, providing fantastic contrast to the deep green leaves. After the initial bloom period, this plant has a second show planned for the summer. This azalea is evergreen, and will provide you with a beautiful backdrop for your landscape, no matter the season. Plant Autumn Angel™ Encore® Azalea in well-drained soil and water regularly until established. Provide supplemental water during dry seasons. Though often not needed, prune in the spring after flowering. To establish a hedge of Autumn Angel™ Encore® Azalea, plant 3 to 4 feet on center. Plant at least 5 feet apart on center for more informal, foundational plantings.